Nicole Gorski is a professional actor, Christian Speaker and Writer. She lives in Wisconsin with her feline fur babies Pasha and Penelope.

After making it through a long-term devastating depression following the loss of her mother when she was only four years old, and then the near destruction of her own brand new marriage in 2010 Nicole was compelled to found Shatterproof Ministries in 2012. She passionately encourages with a message that God will keep His people from shattering, even in life’s most excruciating circumstances–and she openly shares her heartbreaking marriage story and countless other life stories of God’s tender care as proof. Her marriage didn’t survive, but she did–barely. And through Shatterproof Ministries, Nicole is committed to sharing her miraculous testimony with every hurting heart.

Nicole is part of the leadership team of Crossroads, the young adult ministry of Oak Creek Assembly of God, (OCAG) where she has been ministering since 2008. She is also a devotional writer for the Real Women Real Life women’s ministry newsletter at OCAG, and she enthusiastically participates in evangelistic drama productions on an ongoing basis with OCAG.